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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure there are rates assigned to the asset and that the First Available Date listed on the Item Detail page is prior to the date you’re trying to rent it out.

You can only cancel if there have been no billing events and nothing has been returned, so you will need to clear out the return dates and delete any billing events.

For non-serialized assets, click on the red or blue square for the date you are trying to rent the asset. It will show you what rental agreement it is on that is preventing it from being rented.

For serialized assets, click on the blue box to the left of the colored squares that says “Details” to see the detailed 28 day view. From here you can click on the colored squares to see details of where it is.

If the rental agreement is already closed, ensure there isn’t a dispatch activity that the asset is on that doesn’t have an Actual Dropoff Date. This means the system is waiting for the asset to be dropped off and doesn’t think the asset is back in the shop and available to be rented.

Prepayments should only be used with POS, not recurring. If you’d like a customer to pay ahead of time for a recurring billing contract, you should just use the bill ahead billing mode instead.

Ensure you have the Metered Hours attribute set up on each of your assets you’d like to keep track of. On the menu on the left, click Reports -> Rental Asset -> Attr.Assign.Report(Exp). Filter by the Metered Hours attribute. The Default Value column will be the value entered the last time the asset was checked in after a rental.

If you don’t need the credit or refund to reflect in integraRental, the easiest way would simply be issuing the credit in QuickBooks.

If you want to refund a prepayment, simply click Add and type in the amount you’d like to refund with a “-” in front of the amount.

If you’d like the refund to appear on the invoice/contract, create a Service or a Product and title it something appropriate. Add it to the agreement and put in a quantity of -1. For the price, type in the amount you’d like to credit or refund.